1) Can I pay for courses on a monthly basis?

You can pay for courses on a monthly basis by registering Sepa Lastschrift. In other cases, payment is made for the entire course.

2) Do you issue certificates of completion for courses?

We issue certificates of completion (Teilnahmebescheinigung), in which it is written how many hours of a particular course you have taken.

3) Can I join a course if it is already running?

You can join the course if the actual number of participants in it does not exceed 6 people. Moreover, you will purchase the course at a significant discount.

4) Do you work with Jobcenter, Arbeitsamt, BAMF?

We do not currently work with any of the listed organizations. As soon as this information changes, we will inform you about it on the website and in social networks.

5) I don’t know what my level is. What do i do?

Take one of the three “Check Level” tests on the home page of the site.