First german school
for Russian-speaking residents of Germany

We teach German using your native language

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Our method of education

  • Courses are designed specifically for Russian-speaking learners

  • Grammar at elementary levels is given in Russian

  • Mini-groups up to 6 people

  • Interim testing to track your progress

  • Language certificates for Ausländerbehörde on request

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Our team

School director, methodologist

Nadja Dubonosova

Hello friends!
I have been teaching foreign languages for 12 years, 8 of them - German.
I graduated two philological faculties: the first at Moscow State University and the second at the University of Jena. In 2020 I opened a German school for Russian-speaking residents of Germany. Why Russian speakers? When a teacher and a student speak the same language, learning is easier and faster.
I devote my free time to writing books and walking with my beloved dog. His name is Milo.
German teacher

Polina Geller

Hello friends!
My name is Polina and I teach German in Berlin. Foreign languages have always been my passion. My native language is Russian, I also speak Ukrainian, English, and learn French.
Seven years ago I moved with my family from Moscow to Berlin and fell in love with this city. In addition to teaching I am interested in the cultural life of Berlin, travel, literature and art. I love long walks in the city with my dog, music of the 90s, jazz, short stories by Hermann Hesse and Max Frisch, Berlin districts, cafes and galleries and everything that makes us happy in life.
I'm happy to get to know you!
German teacher

Dr. Ulrike Schenk

Hi there,
I'm Ulrike and I have been teaching German at different levels and on different topics for many years. I have a PhD in Economics and am currently teaching this subject at the University of Economics and Law. I have written numerous scientific articles, but I would also like to write short stories in the future.
I like to go for long walks with my family and friends and I love to philosophize about life.
German teacher, account manager

Natalia Volkotrub

Hello everybody!
My name is Natalya, but my German friends call me Natasha. Many people wonder, why I have two names 🙂 I have been living in Germany for thirteen years, four of them in Berlin.
One thing I've always admired is foreign languages. I have been teaching them for over fifteen years. In summer I play table tennis and volleyball, in winter I like snowboard. I am very glad to each of you and am looking forward to our lessons.
Social Media Manager

Elena Leyman

Hello everyone, my name is Lena. I am a marketing specialist. I have been working in this branche for 9 years and continue to develop in it, because the world is changing every day.
I moved to Berlin 1.5 years ago, because I adore this city for its freedom and diversity. I am glad to be in the Tekamolo team, because it is not only a school, but also a pleasant community, where you can always get support and knowledge. I a, also going through the integration stage and know perfectly, what does it mean to learn a new language from scratch. For sure learning German with a Russian-speaking teacher is much more effective and comfortable!

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